Battlefords Agency Tribal Chiefs


February 8th 2013

(North Battleford, SK) BATC Community Development Corporation (BATC CDC) funded the Battlefords Indian Metis Friendship Centre (BIMFC) for the last couple of years to run the Emergency Shelter for Homeless People, and this year the CDC was the only funding source for the program.

BATC CDC provided a grant of $22,000 in September which is the amount BIMFC indicated was required to run the program through the winter months up to March 31, 2013. Winter came early, which meant the program needed to start earlier, combined with a higher than anticipated case load caused a shortfall in funds to operate to the end of March.

BATC CDC General Manager, Vivian Whitecalf, met with Jackie Kennedy, Executive Director of BIMFC earlier this week and through their discussions, it was recommended that an application for additional funding be submitted to BATC CDC. The application was presented to the BATC CDC Board of Directors for review via email and an emergency phone quorum was obtained to approve the application.

BIMFC Executive Director, Jackie Kennedy says, “We are very grateful for the sponsorship that will keep our doors open for the Temporary Emergency Homeless Shelter until the end of March 2013. We understand the community need and BATC CDC is the only funding that we received for this project.”

The additional dollars provided to BIMFC to continue the program to March 2013 is $13,000. “The need for an emergency shelter is evident and as a community we can’t be closing doors to a group that will have nowhere else to go, especially in the winter months,” says Neil Sasakamoose, BATC CDC Board Chair.

For more information, please contact

Vivian Whitecalf, General Manager
BATC Community Development Corporation
Phone: 306 446 1407

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