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BATC Department of Housing and Engineering

BATC established a Housing & Engineering section in July, 2009 which provides technical services to its member First Nations. It is intended to expand the technical section of BATC in a planned manner in accordance with the present and future needs of the Council and its member First Nations. The section provides technical assistance, housing inspections for the BATC First Nations;  also liaising and coordinating with  INAC, CMHC, and First Nations to ensure timely Reporting Requirements to INAC under Community Development Program.

Under Community Development Program, assistance is provided in the Operation and Maintenance of the infrastructure as a component of INAC`s strategic objective to build healthy and sustainable First Nations communities. Funding is arranged from INAC for First Nations to acquire, construct, operate and maintain basic community facilities and services such as water and sewage, roads, electrification, schools, community building and fire protection. It is ensured that these facilities and community services meet recognized standards and are comparable to the services provided to nearby communities by provincial and municipal governments. The Housing & Engineering section also coordinates between CMHC and BATC First Nations to implement the housing programs including inspections, new construction, renovations, and rehabilitation.

Bill Kowalski, Technical Advisor of Housing & Infrastructure

BATC Planning Housing and Engineering Department Five Year Operational Plan

Community Development Program

Housing: New construction, renovations, administration, insurance, training, debt servicing and maintenance.
Capital construction Funding: Planning, designing, constructing and maintaining education and other community facilities.
Facilities Maintenance Funding: Assisting First Nations with the cost of operating and maintaining educational and other community infrastructure facilities.
Funding for Advisory Services and Program Support:

1. Housing management
2. Band Community Housing Planning
3. Technical Assistance for Housing
4. Training
5. Housing Inspections
6. Maintenance Management
7. Fire Safety

Band Asset Management and Inventory System (BAMIS)

1. Five Year Comprehensive Community Plan
2. Maintenance Management Plans
3. Assiet Condtitions Reports (ACRS)
4. Three Year Housing Fire & Safety Reports
5. Capital Assets Inventory System (CAIS)

INAC Reporting Requirement

The Housing and Engineering section ensures to comply with the INAC`s program of reporting requirements on behalf BATC First Nations to assist them in complying with their specific funding agreements.

BATC First Nations Solid Waste Management PDF

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